Perfect solutions for your furry friends

Our family has been in the meat industry for over two decades.  Our USDA certified facility is located in Commerce City, CO. We are locally owned and operated right here in Colorado!

As a family of dog lovers, we have experienced the need for a better dog food.  We love our best friends and want them to live happy, long lives. We know what goes into our bodies affects our health, and it’s the same for our furry friends. At some point we all consider what we can do better to love on our dogs. We did, and did something about it.

Having an intimate knowledge of the industry and all the pieces in place to efficiently make high quality dog food, we put together balanced all-in-one recipes based on the BARF method of feeding.

Our family operated USDA certified facility is able to make great dog food at a low cost.  As dog lovers and as a family, we want to do our part so you can love on your dog too. Subscribe to a two week subscription today and experience the joy of seeing the difference raw makes.

We are happy humans, with happier dogs!